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Marlys Fuego | MASCARAS


Image of Marlys Fuego | MASCARAS

20.5 x 19.75 x 2.5 inches | Wood, crystal, canvas, acrylic, and sequins, framed

About Marlys Fuego

Born in Las Tunas, twenty-two-year-old Marlys Fuegos took full advantage of the artistic freedoms afforded Cubans in the 1990s. Exploring the divergent themes of the erotic and isolation and Cuban identity, her coy and lush velvet sculptures probe sexuality and aggression and her self-portraits with glitzy masks toy with notions of hidden and revealed identity.  In today’s Cuba, artists hide as much as they show--- of themselves and the ruined island that is their home.  Unsurprisingly, this young talent has shown her work all over Cuba and has already had a solo show in New York as well as collective shows in South America.


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