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Ni Da Costa | ERASED


Image of Ni Da Costa | ERASED

22 1/2 × 29 1/2 inches | Metallic paint on re-purposed canvas

About Ni Da Costa

Ni da Costa’s work is intimate. Focusing on a specific moment, an angle, her work is the interpretation of a place in time, never just a reflection of its entirety. Her subjects are friends, family, neighborhoods, their deeply personal narratives create a sentiment that is universally accessible. She focuses on time and memory, working with painting and photography, particularly the illusion of moving images, overlays and use of sequences to create a single dynamic composition. She applies the paint in pools which dry to create the look of enamel or metal. She created this particular way of painting as a nod to early processes of photography & printmaking like silver-plate and the daguerreotype.

Ni da Costa was born in Rio de Janeiro. In 1989 she graduated in printmaking from the Escola de Belas Artes Da UFRJ (School of Fine Arts). She now exhibits extensively throughout Brazil.


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