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Image of Luis Cornejo | THE EXPLORER'S PET
  • Image of Luis Cornejo | THE EXPLORER'S PET

24 x 17 inches | oil and acrylic on paper | framed in charcoal grey and black


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Lately, I have been envisioning my characters as explorers but not outward explorers, inward explorers - traversing an inner world that is at times wild and unknown. In some regions of this world, the landscape looks like a cartoon, in other places, it is overrun with flowers. Some of these explorers of equipped with tools such as headlamps or accompanied by some species of plant or animals (as if the case in one drawing where bees are covering the main character with a blanket).

In the case of this work, in particular, you are in a cartoon landscape, one of the fantasy regions, with pink clouds and intense green meadows. The hat is a resource, a tool for survival, to blend in with the surroundings, like camouflage. We do this sometimes in the real world as well, wearing a mask to protect one's self while walking amongst people.

This is the general theme of this work but I also feel strongly about the viewer making their own narrative, interpretation, and relationship with the character.


Drawing from an early age, Luis Cornejo started his relationship with color and pop culture through magazines his mother would give him along with art supplies to keep him company while she was away at work. Cornejo began to build a world of his own making through the invention of characters that would take on the whimsical nature of cartoons but have the savvy street smarts required to navigate the real-world realities he was faced with day to day. The result became a unique self-taught way of creating that would define his work.

Luis Cornejo eventually went on to earn a degree in art with a specialization in painting from the School of Arts of the University of El Salvador in 2007. In 2010 he won a scholarship to study at the Academy of Fine Arts in Dresden, Germany. It was during his time in Europe that he developed a keen interest in Renaissance painting, combining classical forms of portraiture and landscape with the world of comics, cartoons, and video games in order to create a hybrid that merges the border between the real and the recreated.

Cornejo has exhibited individually and collectively in Nicaragua, Panama, El Salvador, Mexico, Canada, and Germany with a career that has skyrocketed in recent years, with top awards from the Museum of Art (MARTE), the National Art Award (2001, 2003) and a growing collector based in Latin America, the US, and Europe.


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